About Us

MAVE.Systems - Your Partner

MAVE-Systems is a full-service application with years of experience in the areas of art, culture, sports, festival, and attractions. MAVE-Systems meets the technical and organizational requirements of modern organization administration by providing optimum software and modern hardware, including support and well-trained personnel.

All our team members have a long record in event ticketing and accreditation for both national and international accreditation projects. We have proven in the past to be a reliable partner when it comes to supporting you in making your events a great experience for your customer.

We have a highly competent, skilled and committed team for providing individual support. Our customers rely on and appreciate our very personal contact. We are very solution-orientated and know all supported installations in very detail. By doing so, we can offer quick, competent and efficient support.


Save Time!

  • quick support
  • indivudual assistance
  • commited team

Felxible System

  • Adapt GUI to your needs
  • combine different modules
  • Expand throug interface/API

Get your numbers

  •  individual reports
  • combine figures from e.g ticket and merchandising
  • customize your dashboard

Communicate Automatically

  •  send reminders
  • invite to post event surveys
  • make your partners visible